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Interfaith Partnership For The Homeless

It’s that time of the year again for Spring Community Benefits and Fundraisers. We Do Fondue is dedicated to giving back to the community as much as we can afford the time, investment and energy. May 3rd is one of our favorite events of the year! Our 6th Year Supporting The Interfaith Partneship for the Homeless! Please join us MAY 3RD at a Taste of Albany! For the 6th year, it is my great pleasure...

Easter Brunch Chocolate Fountains-1400 Smiles!

  This past Sunday We Did Fondue, Chocolate Fountains for 2 of the largest Easter Brunch gatherings in the Albany, NY region.  The Mallozzi Family treated over 800 Capital District folks to a scrumptious brunch with all the traditional trimmings plus!  When I first opened WE DO FONDUE-Chocolate Fountain Rentals, I walked into the Italian American Community Center, intorduced myself and our...


  Like most people I know, I would work very hard for each and every dollar I earn.  Now a days, it seems like everyone wants their “unfair” share at every turn.  As the economy tightens and prices rise, I am ever more careful, as to what I buy and where I invest my precious time and cash!  Price is always a factor, but who knows what reasonable is anymore, or what’s being...

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