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Go With the FLOW!

As I watched the Food Channel for the first time on Cable TV 11 years ago, that it would result in creating a CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN company called We Do Fondue in Albany, NY?  I have to credit my fiance Diane with the fact that I was introduced to Mr. Chocolate and his Chocolate Fondue Fountain Valentine’s Day over a decade ago.  His humor and fun filled attitude surrounded the Giant Tower of Flowing Chocolate.  It was beautiful, captivating and struck me immediately as a business idea I just had to pursue.  The following day I ordered a Chocolate Fountain!  With little or no funds available, I charged the $3500 Stainless Steel Tower on a credit card and off I went on an amazing adventure.   As I write this blog, I am 10+ years downline, have 14 Commercial Chocolate Fountains in the Fleet and now provide service for over 160 events each year.

The same day I purchased the fountain, I figured a website would definitely be an important marketing resource so I strained my brain to find an appropriate domain for this unique venture.  Within hours it came to me in a flash of creative madness. www.WeDoFondue.com and it was unbelievably available.  It was mine in a click.  The journey began with the delivery of my precious Chocolate fountain a week later.  I couldn’t believe how heavy it was, the 2 main pieces, base and tower weighing 90 LBS.  Without delay, I gathered the family to demonstrate this amazing new venture of mine.  Read the directions?  Why…I can do this, Mr. Chocolate had no problems at all!

Well, I set the giant stainless steel fountain up on the kitchen table, melted some chocolate, poured it in and all I can say is…laughter rang out around the room! I was not personally amused.  As globs of chocolate slurped down the fountain tower, splattering on the table, suffice it to say, my savvy business plans seemed squarely in doubt.  I read the directions.   Eventually it worked.  The laughter stopped and turned to interest and enthusiasm.  10 years later, I now consider myself the world’s foremost Chocolate fountain “FONDOLOGIST”. I seek out and love unique marketing challenges.  This has truly been one of my most interesting.  I will be following up with full insight and discussion of the unique marketing strategies employed.

The Fondologist

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