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WE DO DUELING FOUNTAINS and MUCH MORE!What makes one chocolate fountain different from another?  After all, it’s just a fountain, filled with chocolate that flows, right? Wrong!  There are lot’s of chocolate fountains, ranging from small home models to large commercial models.  You can purchase a home fountain from 12″ to 21″ tall.  We have 18″ to 21″ home fountains in stock.  I’ve recently noticed several start up chocolate fountain companies utilizing  23″ tall fountains for commercial purposes.  SIZE definitely does matter!  Part of the wonderful impact of a wonderful chocolate fountain at your event is the visual impact and capacity to properly serve all guests.  A properly run fountain should easily service ALL guests, regardless of possible use and it should look and run as well at the end of the party as it does at the start.  If you are interested in renting a 23″ fountain, why not BUY a 22″ personal fountain, you can use over and over again, with 6 LBS of our famous Imported Chocolate (NO OIL ADDED), Bamboo Skewers and we guarantee to personally walk you through it’s initial set up and operation. Cost? Just about what (1) rental of a 23″ Fountain would be.

Quality and performance matters too!  What kind of chocolate is being used?  We pre-melt our 11 LB BARS of chocolate, Clean, Cut and Prepare our dipping foods at our “Health Department Licensed Kitchen” before leaving for each event.  We arrive with “bottomless” chocolate and dipping supplies prior to your guests arrival and are fully set and running when you desire.  Our chef dressed attendants are polite, professional, friendly, fun, dedicated to excellence and safe enjoyment.

Here’s the BIG difference!  When We Do Fondue, we become part of the entertainment and energy of each and every event.  Our goal is to encourage as much fun, excitement, and SMILES as possible.  We could simply turn our fountain on but we strive to Turn the entire Party On with a positive attitude and interactive participation with you and your guests.

If you are responsible for organzing an event for a school, business, venue or simply a family gathering, you should consider carefully, the professional credentials and liability insurance of all of your vendors.  We FEED thousands of people each year at 100’s of events.  We are full resopnsible for each and every person enjoying our fountains. It is extremely important that we ASSURE and INSURE each and every person’s safety and confidence.  Celebrate with total peace of mind.  Please know your Chocolate Fountain provider.

The most critial difference in service is, We LOVE what we do!  Chocolate make everthing better.  Chocolate makes people smile. Our dedication to providing the very best chocolate fountain services as enable We Do Fondue to establish a 7  YEAR regional reputation as Upstate NY’s premium Chocolate Fountain Experts.  Add a Chocolate fountain or two or three to your next special event.  I personally guarantee, if you’re working with www.WeDoFondue.com you and your guests are going to love it!

Any time you have any questions, thoughts, comments or interest in know anything at all about chocolate fountains, please feel free to contact me.

Craig Wander

Owner  www.WeDoFondue.com   WE DO FONDUE -Chocolate fountain rentals……………”Just Due It!”

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