1098223_698829976800885_545416217_nLike most people I know, I would work very hard for each and every dollar I earn.  Now a days, it seems like everyone wants their “unfair” share at every turn.  As the economy tightens and prices rise, I am ever more careful, as to what I buy and where I invest my precious time and cash!  Price is always a factor, but who knows what reasonable is anymore, or what’s being left out, over stated, hidden exaggerated or completely false?  What earns my attention, respect and ongoing business is a true comittment to SERVICE and a dedication to making sure I am SMILING as a result of my purchase or experience.  We all have plenty of choices for virtually anything we desire.  My decisions are guided  by my personal experiences and satisfaction.  This is what I expect of other’s and what I demand of myself and everyone associated with We Do Fondue.  Each event is a new opportunity to make someone SMILE.  To enhance a special event, to thrill a family, friends and guests.  We Do Fondue is dedicated to making a positive impact at every turn.

I received some wonderful feedback today from a client, regarding her wedding event in Scotia,NY this past November. This is what makes me smile!..It’s what I strive for everytime a chocolate fountain of our appears anywhere!   We will always strive to do the same for you if lucky enough to afforded the opportunity….

“I was conflicted about a chocolate fountain. I knew I had to have it because of the symbolism chocolate represents in my workplace and I wanted to include the importance of chocolate for my guests (especially my colleagues at work).  Some people think chocolate fountains are tacky…not this company.  We do fondue provided an excellent product for my wedding and the professionalism and personality of the attendant was extraordinary.  I am hoping that other events come up so I can have this excellent novelty.  Thanks for making the day so special.”  11/11/11



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