Know your Chocolate Fountain Company….

Anyone can purchase a commercial chocolate fountain, create a website and promote their services, but…there are a few important things to know before you choose a Chocolate Fountain Rental Co. for your special event.  Consider the fact that  you, your family, friends and guests will be dipping from the event fountain.  Their health, trust and safety are in your hands.

*Is your fountain provider registered, monitored and approved by your local Department of Health?   All Chocolate  Fountain Companies are required to register with the appropriate Dept. Of health. Each must operate as commercial “CATERER”.  This designation requires an annual health permit registration fee, an off premise Health Dept. inspected and approved kitchen for all preparation. Simply ask for proof of current health permits.

*Is your fountain provider properly insured?  It is essential for you, your family and friends, and especially your business to be protected from any potential liability, in the event of any damage, health related problems, or any legal issues that could possibly arise from the fountain at your event.  Simply ask your prospective Fountain Vendor for a current certificate of Insurance. We carry a combined $2 Million dollar policy as required for public events in government venues. The minimum protection should be at least $1 million dollars.

* Never rent a Fountain and operate it without a professional Attendant at ALL TIMES!  A good attendant will assist guests,  maintain the dipping foods, the chocolate flow and minimize any chocolate mess. Most of all, the Attendant assures the safety and cleanliness of the fountain for everyone from start to finish.  An unattended fountain is a recipe for potential disaster.

*Ask for references, current clients and testimonials.  A good Chocolate Fountain Company will have plenty of examples of their work for you to contact at anytime.

We love what we do and consider our Chocolate Fountain Fondue Business  a true profession.  When done safely, professionally and with the right energy and attitude, a Chocolate Fountain MAKES EVERY EVENT SPECIAL.  Please contact us at anytime for any questions, thoughts, comments or to inquire about our exceptional services.


Craig Wander  Owner

Taking Chocolate Fountains to New Heights!


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