650 Guests enjoy We Do Fondue Chocolate Fountain Italian American Community CenterIt’s that time of year again when the search begins for EVERYTHING WEDDING, as brides and a” few “grooms set out on a mission to make their dreams come true and create the perfect wedding event.  The process can be daunting, fun, exciting and more.

Our Chocolate Fountains have become one of the very special features that help to make a standard wedding reception, exceptional. The fountains thrill, amuse, and delight everyone.  They add a spark of significant positive energy that sets the tone and mood of the party atmosphere!  We are headed down to the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta tomorrow for Celebration Creation’s Annual Wedding Event and then up to Saratoga City Center in February for the Annual Enchanted Wedding Expo.

This season we are proud to welcome my better half, DIANE and to the road show and internet family. If you haven’t seen the fantastic new innovation of the BROOCH BOUQUET, you definitely need to take a  look! Flowers are beautiful and wonderful….Brooch Bouquets are beautiful, wonderful, one of a kind, sentimental and FOREVER!

Hope to see you in Oneonta, Saratoga, or anywhere in between at multiple community fundraisers this January, February and beyond in 2012.

No matter what you special event..WE DO FONDUE -Chocolate Fountain Rentals will add, fun, excitement, energy and great taste!  Please contact us anytime to learn more or simply DUE IT!

Thank you.


Our 27 ” Fountain Was the hit of the event last week in Oneonta!


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